Warranty and Return Policy


For worn apparel, we offer 7-day guarantee against inaccurate sizing based on your submitted iQOT form. The industry standard allows plus or minus 1 inch variance in chest and body length measurement. Please be aware of this in choosing your size. Any discrepancies in sizing beyond 1 inch shall be reported within 7 days; otherwise, the warranty will be voided.

For all sewn products (banner, bags, apparel), we offer 15-day guarantee against poor quality issues like wrong color (not following approved test-print) and sewing defects. However, warranty against color issues and fading is waived if customer supplies his/her own fabric.

​The basic printing and sewing defects detected within 15 days after receipt of product shall be repaired or replaced free of charge. The basic sewing defects include loose or hanging thread and broken seams detected prior to wearing the garments. Reporting these basic sewing defects after wearing or using the garments shall void the basic sewing defect warranty. The basic printing defects include smudges, wrong spelling or graphics, ghosting, and any other permanent marks not removable by washing. Beyond 30 days after receipt of the products, all complaints shall not be entertained anymore.

​Our warranty shall not include the following:
  • Open seams caused by intentional ripping or pulling of loose or hanging thread ends. Loose or hanging threads shall be reported immediately without pulling them. Pulling the loose threads shall void the warranty.
  • Damaged caused by fabric "run", scratches, or holes due to rubbing, friction, puncture, and force exerted on the garment either intentionally or unintentionally during activities or normal use. Unlike cotton, the polyester yarn fineness and weaving techniques used for all sportswear fabric make them susceptible to damages caused by friction, puncture, or force.
  • Breaking of threads due to abnormally excessive force exerted on them. Excessive force on threads may come from wearing too tight garment, pricking of thread by rough objects, and poor washing methods.
  • Dirt or marks caused by improper storage.

Cancellation For Bulk Order
(Not applicable for banners)

You are almost ready to order your apparel but you are still having a second thought whether you are dealing with the right supplier or not.

Don't worry.

1)  We will make the first unit and you will be given the chance to see it and assess the quality before we proceed with the mass production. If you don't like the quality of the first unit and decide to cancel the order, we will refund 100% of  your payment less the price of the first unit and less USD 10 to cover the prototyping cost. 

2) If you cancel the order right after you made the downpayment, we will refund 100% of the payment.

3) If you cancel the order after we have prepared the artwork but have not made the first unit, we will refund 100% of the payment less USD 10 to cover for the artwork cost

If you have questions, just send an email to the admin@willix.net