Sell Your Merch or Gig

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1. Do you already have your gigs or merch posted in other marketplaces?

If you already have your gigs or merch posted in other marketplaces, you can upload and promote them on Willix marketplace right away. These are the simple steps:

    1. Open Seller login and register.
    2. On the registration form, paste the URL links of your merch or gig posts from other marketplaces. See example below.
    3. Click submit.

We call this “LazyGig” uploading process, as it is intended for the busy freelancers. It has never been so easy to upload your merch or gigs into your store. 


If you have registered already and have not pasted your URL links, you may still paste them by clicking here.

2. Is it your first time to sell merch or gigs in any marketplace?

Don’t worry. Get some ideas in our marketplace or in other marketplaces, then create your own.

  • Register now and we will assist you on how to upload your merch or gigs following a very simple way.
  • You may just describe your design concept and we can help you make the final design. Also see our Design Content Guidelines.
  • Or you may upload immediately via our Form Uploader.

Register now as a seller.

3. Work on your profile and store creation while we are uploading your merch or gigs. 

Please see the following guides:

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