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Money-Making Strategies

You have 5 options to take advantage of the Willix Money-Making Strategies for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Direct Hires - are freelancers (either individuals or agencies) who just wanted to get their names and contact  details listed in the marketplace so that clients can engage them directly for any freelance jobs. All a freelancer needs to do is upload his/her resume. Click here to post your resume and portfolio DirectsHires program.

Freelance Giggers are sellers of specific skills which are offered in chunks of works (which are called gigs) with specific description of the scope and deliverables. The freelancer only needs to post his gig in the marketplace.

Affiliates - are those who earn revenue by placing links on their website that advertises Willix Merch&Gig products. The affiliate will earn a commission on any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links.

Freelance Merch Sellers -  are sellers of print-on-demand merchandises like t-shirts, sports uniforms, workwear, home items, and others. Merch sellers just submit their designs to Willix and those designs will be placed on merchandises to be printed when sold.

V-Partners  - are the dropshippers of customized merchandises or those who just need a manufacturer and who sell specific products in their physical or online stores with their own brand names. They are also called dealers, resellers, or retailers. Visit our V-Partner site for more information.

Becoming a V-Partner or dealer is just 1-step now. Just REGISTER and you will get automatic discount code so you can order right away.

We suggest that you spend some time to analyze the WillMakeMoney strategy described below for you to have an informed choice. The objective of the strategy is to position you eventually in the Passive Income yellow quadrant and to get a slice of the #4 and #5 market. The circles are the 5 different market segments and the bigger they are, the higher the demand. The bigger circles in the yellow quandrants are the markets that will make you earn more without spending much time per transaction. It just requires you to work harder during the setting up period.

Willix Make-Money Strategies

About The Chart

The Y-axis shows the Time Spent Per Transaction (TT). The blue quandrants at the top are considered high TT, which means that the income source is considered active because you can not earn it if you don’t spend the needed time for the task. The Freelance Job and Gig can be found in the active quadrants.

On the other hand, the yellow quadrants are considered passive income sources because they do not require you to spend time (or maybe just very minimal time) to make a sale or transaction. You earn even when you are sleeping. Freelance Merch Sellers and Affiliates are located in the passive quadrants.  

The Custom Merch Dropshipping business or V-Partnership has a mix of passive  and active income. It becomes passive when you are able to create a self-sustaining system and delegate the daily operations to your subordinates or outsource them. One thing that prevents freelancers to venture into V-Partnership is the arduous set-up time, especially during the early stages of the start-up business. But that should not deter freelancers from venturing into it because the pay-off is really worth it.

The Path To Making More Money

Most of the freelance artists in the Philippines are in the #1 status (DirectHires). If you are still in this stage, hone your skills, learn more about running a business, try #2 and #4 right away, master them, and aim for #5.

The path to making more money is to start as a Freelancer and eventually join the Entrepreneur Status without leaving your freelance job. Your freelance job is not only your stepping stone but also a way to expand your reach and drive business to your entrepreneurial venture. By going towards the right direction, you are also adding passive earnings to your active income.

Willix Money Path

So Where Will I Start

You may start anywhere in the quadrant. However, a surefire strategy is to start with #2 and #4 right away, that is to become a Freelance Gigger and Merch Seller. This gives you a balance between active and passive income. One also supports the other. For example, if you are a freelance gigger and you got a t-shirt design job for a customer abroad, you can use the design you submitted to your client as an inspiration that you can tweak a little and post it as a merch in Willix marketplace. That way, you earned active income from the gig, and you will also earn passive income from the merch. It’s just like two birds in one stone.

Watch the video below to know more about the advantages of becoming a freelance gigger and a merch seller in Willix.

Willix Mech&Gig is a marketplace made specifically to harness and promote the talents of the Filipino and Asian community of freelancers. Why join Willix?

  1. You will get the opportunity to earn active and passive income from 3 sources - from selling gigs, from selling print-on-demand merch, and from selling your own customized merchandise to your corporate buyers and for any events.
  2. You will get 85% net payout from gigs as compared to the industry standard of up to 80% only.
  3. You will get paid as fast as 7 days.
  4. Joining is free and you don’t need any bank accounts
  5. We made posting your merch and gig much simpler by sharing in your dashboard all the sample posts that you can just clone and edit for faster posting. We will also do the product mock-up for you. If that is not enough, you can ask our Willix team for free technical assistance.
  6. You can also use our selling tools like our instant quotation and our 3D and 2D design apps.
  7. Lastly, you can experience the hospitality of the Filipino and Asian community in a marketplace that we can call our home.

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