Shipping Policy

By using the services offered by Willix Merch&Gig, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions, which are in addition to the Buyers Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. 

Delivery of Gigs

  1. The delivery of a gig is dependent on the conditions posted in the seller’s gig, or it can be based on the custom offer conditions that the buyer and the seller agreed upon.  Once the gig is done, the seller shall send the deliverables via the built-in messaging app.
  2. The buyer shall review the gig deliverable and he/she shall reply via the messaging app to confirm if the delivered gig is acceptable. Any request to revise the result of the gig and any action on the part of the seller shall be the sole discretion of the seller and shall be agreed upon by both parties. 
  3. Once the buyer confirms that the result is complete and accepted, the seller shall change the status of the order by clicking “Complete” in the order status to start the processing of the necessary payment transfer.
  4. The buyer shall have until the 3rd day to raise any issues regarding the quality of delivered gig. Beyond the 3rd day, the buyer waives his/her right to dispute the delivered gig.

Delivery of Merch

1. The delivery of a merch shall be fulfilled by Willix. The leadtime shall be based on the conditions in the product post and based on the general conditions stated here, whichever is faster.

a. Leadtime for all print-on-demand merch shall be 7 to 10 days from the receipt of the payment from the buyer.

b. Leadtime for all customized merch shall be 15 days from the receipt of the payment from the buyer.

2. Willix is not a shipping company and only engages the services of a third party courier whose main service is to deliver the product to the buyer. As such, Willix shall not be held accountable or responsible for any delays or disappointments that a buyer may experience if the third party fails to perform as required. Once the third party couriers receive the product for delivery, Willix shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, delays, or destruction of the product. 

3. If a package is marked as undeliverable and if it is returned to the sender, a reshipping fee will be required. 

4. The buyer is responsible in entering the correct shipping address and is encouraged to check the details during the order submission. Once a package has been shipped, Willix shall have no way to redirect it and shall not be responsible for the refund or replacement as caused by the incorrect address.

5. In the unlikely event that a buyer receives a wrong item, Willix shall make the necessary replacement.

6. Willix’s shipping policy may change from time to time.