How Buyers Get Custom Quote (for Gig)

How To Request For Customized Gig

1.  To request for a customized gig, look for the gig that is almost resembling what you need. Then, click the Get Custom Quote bar to see the instruction, which says you need to contact the seller.

2. Click Contact Seller and explain in the message about the details or specifications of the gig you need. You may also attach files in the message. 

3. Once you have agreed with the details, you will be asked to go back to the gig posting and click the box below the Available Options. In there, you can find the fee adjustment that corresponds to your discussion. Just click “Yes” to confirm.

4. Then, click “Add To Cart" and proceed to checkout.

How To Request For Customized Merch Quote

You can get instant quote for custom merch via our iQOT system.