Guide In Profile and Store Creation

After registering as a seller, you will receive 2 emails. The first email is your account as a customer with your discount code for bulk ordering via iQOT. The second email is for your status as a seller and a link to your seller dashboard.

Step 1 - Access Seller Panel

You will be redirected to the website and into your dashboard.

Step 2 - Create Profile and Mini Store Site Via Store Information Tab

Steps 3, 4, 5, 6,7, & 8 - Upload Your Photo, Banner, Brand Logo, Profile, and Portfolio

Steps 9 and 10 - Write address and save

Helpful Tips
It’s our natural instinct to get to know first who we will be dealing with, either in business or in personal transactions. We usually google them or look for their profile in Facebook, Linkedin, and other social networking sites.
This is no less true for customers in the Willix marketplace. The first thing most customers will do before they click the “buy” button is to check out your seller profile. That’s why it’s very important to invest some time and thought into your profile, craft a page that displays exactly who you are and what makes you unique.
Show your real face
A picture is worth a thousand words. Because the eyes are the windows to your soul, a sincere look is always more effective than a brand logo. So, if you can have a profile picture that clearly shows your face, it will make your profile look more professional and it will assure customers that they’re working with a real person.
While it’s important to show professionalism, it may also help to let your quirks and unique personality shine through. That could mean wearing your costume or taking a photo in a unique environment (even if it’s just photoshopped). Keep it eye-catching but subtle. Remember, it’s all about relating your personality to your brand image.
About You
The point here is to write something about yourself to assure the customer that you are the best person to engage. People are lazy to read so make it simple and use impactful words and short paragraphs. Write a short description of your skills and support it later with portfolio photos. If you’re a writer, then your description should be engaging and well written. Add a finishing touch by elaborating on your principles that guide your work. A great profile inspires confidence and enthusiasm in customers and is an important part of building your Willix business.
Display your portfolio
Upload your portfolio of works to support your claim about your capabilities. If you are a video editor, then you can upload some YouTube videos of your best work.

After creating your profile, you are now ready to upload your gigs and merch designs via the 1-Click Easy Posting method.