Buying Guide

Easy Steps To Find A Gig and Select A Freelancer

1. Click the navigation tab "Find Gig / Hire”. 

2. Look for the categories where your gig or merch belong to. You can see the prefix that starts with G (for gig) or D or C or A for merch, followed by a number and letters. 

2. Another option is to use the search box and type the keyword/s for the gig. You can refine the search by clicking the categories and subcategories.

3. Check out the qualifications of the freelancer who is offering the gig. Check also the other freelancers offering the same gig under the Related Products section just below the gig you are viewing.

4. Check out the reviews and feedback from other buyers.

5. Choose the package that best fits your needs.

6. Contact the freelancer for any questions to make sure that the gig is aligned with your expectations. Also contact the seller if you need some specifications that you need to include.