The Freelance Giggers

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Freelance Giggers

Our freelance giggers are grouped according to roles they play in the print-on-demand merch business. The skills group creates a symbiotic ecosystem of freelancers who play a specific role in making the marketplace a success.

Group 1 is called the Merch Designers Group because they are directly involved in making apparel and merchandize designs.

The Groups 2 and 3 are considered Auxillary Freelancers as they are not directly considered creators of merch but they are also capable and also they support the main creators, the merch stores, and other businesses outside of M&G. Group 2, called Creative Support, are specific visual artists who can help in making elements of a design. Group 3 are Marketing Support freelancers who can provide services to help in the marketing of the apparel and merch brand or of the entire store.

Group 1: Merch Designers

1.1 Tshirt and Merch Designers
1.2 Sublimated Sportswear and Accessories Designers 
1.3 Workwear Uniform Designers
1.4 Fashion Designers

Group 2: Creative Support

2.1 Vectorization and Illustration Artists
2.2 Logo and Brand Image Designers
2.3 Photo Editing and Graphics Clean-Up 
2.4 Portrait, Caricature, and Mascot Artists

Group 3: Marketing Support

3.1 Social Media Designers
3.2. Video Ads Makers and Editiors
3.3 Poster, Leaflet, and Banner Designers
3.4 Packaging and Label Designers
3.5 Product Photographers
3.6 Invitations, Business Cards, and Stationery Artists
3.7 Whiteboard and Animated Explainers
3.8 Website and app designer

This is just a partial list of freelancers. If you can not find your specific skills below, please feel free to contact us



I just want to sell gigs as a freelance talent and I have no immediate plans to sell merch. Is this acceptable?

  • Yes, you may just register as a freelancer and sell your skills and gigs. However, we encourage you to sell merch as a passive income source.

I am a freelancer but I have no skill about apparel or merch design. How can I start selling merch?

  • You don’t need to have any design skills or experience to sell merch. All you need to know is what niches have the potential and then you may engage other freelancers to make the artwork for you. There are also design tools you can use here - the Merchise design app for tshirts and accessories and the 3DWEAR app for sportswear. 

How much money will I make?

  • You can benefit from the scalable triple income sources (or STI) - that is, from gigs, POD merch, and custom apparel. The money you can make from your gigs depend on how much work you can accommodate. If you also sell print-on-demand merch, that will double or even quadruple your income and what is good about merch is that you will earn even when you are sleeping. In addition, you can also sell custom apparel for corporate and sports events by developing your own network.

    How much does it cost?

    • It is free to join as a freelancer / seller. And we only deduct 15% of the gig transaction amount as discounted fee, unlike the other freelance companies that deduct 20% plus taxes. And for the merchandize, you get 20% of every sales transaction.

    How will I get paid?

    •  Very simple. You can get paid via GCash using your mobile phone, within 7 days after a transaction is accepted by the customer. You don't need to have a bank account to join Willix Merch&Gig but if you prefer to receive your payment via bank transfer or Paypal, you just have to indicate in your profile.

    Can I just sell directly to my customers without joining this marketplace? Can I get a big discount?
    • Yes, it is possible for you to become a dealer for uniforms (either sportswear, workwear, or casual wear) without joining this marketplace. You will have to signify your intention and apply via our dealers website 

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