About Us

Willix Merch&Gig - Make and buy merch and find gig in the Philippines including custom sportswear, apparel, tshirts, tees, banners, bags, make money

One Place Called Merch and Gig

Definition: A gig is a freelance job that lasts a certain period of time, often the life of a project or as long as the client has that specific need. A merch is an informal word for merchandise or items like tshirts, caps, mugs, tumblers, etc.

In short, Merch and Gig (M&G) is about freelance works and merchandise items under one place. It is considered the first marketplace where freelancers can offer both gig and merch. Although M&G was originally intended for graphic artists of apparel like jerseys and t-shirts, we can not exclude those in the other digital disciplines because of their big contributions to the merch and gig economy.

Made By The Filipinos and Asians. Made For The World.

Willix Merch and Gig was created to promote the talents and skills of our fellow Filipinos and Asians, as we are being known in the western countries (especially USA) as a world-class freelance providers in the graphics industry. We believe that it is about time to give our fellow Filipinos and Asians the opportunity to succeed in both the merch and gig industry.

About The Idea

The founder was inspired to create Merch and Gig after he successfully completed his marketplace research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in compliance with his Design Thinking course. But his idea of engaging freelance graphic designers started 8 years ago and was implemented in a smaller scale. It was called the Willix Design Partners. The program was a success and it inspired some designers to become marketers of their own brands.

The brand Willix has been associated with innovative solutions in sales and design of sports apparel.

The inspiration to put up Willix started when the founder got a patent for his Flexible Laminated Image Transfer (FLIT) printing process, which has a resemblance with the famous white toner transfer technology.